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Our signature rubberised coats continue to be made by master craftsmen, entirely by hand, in our factory outside Glasgow, Scotland. This traditional technique was born in the 19th century and has not changed up until this day. Each coat is worked on individually from start to finish by the same master craftsman. The most crucial element is the fabric – two layers of cotton sandwiched around a thin layer of natural, impermeable rubber. Once the fabric has been cut into the correct patterns, the pieces are meticulously sewn and sealed using a special rubber-based solution applied by the index finger, an intricate technique that is learnt and mastered over many years. The final stage is a water-resistant tape, pressed by hand over any exposed seams. The finished coat is 100% waterproof, keeping the wearer not only stylish but also bone dry.

OXFORD Fawn Bonded Cotton 3/4 Coat | GRC-108
OXFORD Navy Bonded Cotton 3/4 Coat | GRC-108
OXFORD Black Bonded Cotton 3/4 Coat | GRC-108
OXFORD Bottle Green Bonded Cotton 3/4 Coat | GRC-108