Summer is finally here, illustrator and all-round tastemaker, MR. SLOWBOY, joins us once more to curate a collection of wardrobe essentials that capture the timeless elegance of the Contemporary Renaissance man.

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This capsule collection is our third instalment from MR. SLOWBOY. For this collaboration we wanted something fun and light, to help us celebrate the change in season as best we can.  


MR. SLOWBOY rose to the challenge as he always does, and gave us a collection that includes that most essential of wardrobe staples, a slogan T-shirt that celebrates the unpredictable nature of Britain’s weather, exquisite Liberty print silk scarves, impeccable tailoring in the form of the lightweight Bloomsbury Jacket, minimalist footwear  from Parisian shoe designers Jacques Soloviére, and accessories to match.  


The perfect ensemble for rambling across Hampstead heath, with man’s best friend.