Cecilie Bahnsen's Studio Collection is based on the virtuous concepts of up-cycling and re-purposing, as the brand dedicates itself to implementing innovative initiatives to reduce waste. The collection is made entirely using material in the archive from past seasons. All Cecilie Bahnsen fabrics are made by hand in skilled mills across Europe, reflecting Cecilie’s obsession with couture handwork and craft - too precious to go to waste.

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“This season we didn’t have a mood board or a theme. The design and the fabric techniques came from inside me, spontaneous and honest. I was pregnant, it was lockdown, a very challenging and unique times. But it focused me to think about the now, the here, what we do as a brand, how we work. 


I started by focusing on the form, the key Cecilie Bahnsen silhouettes, I wanted to get to the core. I decided early on that all the fabrics for the collection would be from the archives, left over from past seasons – we never throw anything away. It sounds so easy, using the leftovers, but the pattern cutting we had to do in order to patchwork pieces together was incredibly painstaking. In a way the clothes feel even more special because they are so rare; we have made so few of them." 



This iteration of the ongoing collaboration between Mackintosh and Cecilie Bahnsen brings forth three new styles featuring leftover patchwork fabric details, seamlessly fusing with the collection's ethos. Ending with each piece being completely unique, the only one of its exact kind.