Cecilie Bahnsen Spring/Summer 21 with tailored outerwear crafted by Mackintosh. This beautiful short film “The summit” shows the mood and inspiration behind this seasons collection. Shot entirely on location on the west coast of Jutland, the film was directed by MOON.

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"This season I had an image in my mind of a woman on a journey across a landscape - a symbolic
wanderer. The idea came from three very different references. There is a series of beautiful black
and white photography by Hashimoto Shoko from the 1970s of a group of Goze. They were blind
women musicians who travelled from town to town in Japan, playing their music. The three
women in his photos really inspired me. Then I was also looking at James Turrell’s installations,
that glow and otherworldly feeling, which I really wanted to bring into the colours this season, the
electric pink and glaring green.

And I was thinking too about summer nights by the sea in Denmark, the moon rising and the
liquid blue ocean. There’s a painting by P. S. Krøyer of two women walking on the beach of
Skagen at the top of Jutland. They are in beautiful white dresses but there’s a feeling of melancholy
too – I think the collection has that melancholy, in the black and white.”

- Cecilie Bahnsen, Creative Director