We continue our 'Crafted By' series in collaboration with A-COLD-WALL* combining the precise skills of our talented artisans with ACW* modernist layers and contemporary cuts.

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Rooted in innovation, the seven-part collection seeks to reinterpret our classic codes through an A-COLD-WALL* lens. The historic trademark silhouettes and famed material innovation, play starting point to a concise capsule wardrobe. An exploration of new modes of protection, designed to meet the challenges of our variable environment.


A-COLD-WALL* present a series of function-minded garments, designer Samuel Ross applying new levels of craftsmanship and refinement to ensure longevity of use. As ever, fabric determines narrative. Architectural thinking has been applied to the construction of each garment, an approach acutely informed by our famed fabrics; their inherent rigidity and structure a perfect canvas for system-driven silhouettes.


Each component of the A-COLD-WALL* Mackintosh collection contained within a wider design architecture, the line operates as a harmonised whole - A statement of intent from two British brands rooted in a rational, human-centred approach to clothing.